Pedersoli coordinates the M&A Working Group launched by AmCham. The M&A Observatory has the function to identify strategic elements, trends and deals flow between Italy and the United States.

Milan, 26 March 2018 – Pedersoli Studio Legale coordinates the newly established Working Group of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy regarding M&A issues. The project is part of the Advocacy activities of the association aimed at drafting and submitting positions, ideas and solutions having as final purpose the improvement of business climate of Italy, increasing attractiveness towards foreign investments.

The M&A Working Group aims at creating an Observatory, which monitors the development of the deals flow between Italy and the United States, both on the basis of an analysis of trends in latest years and the qualitative and quantitative identification of the main current and future trends, also by assessing post-investment effects for the whole industry and economic area. The Working Group is coordinated by the Equity Partner Antonio Pedersoli, supported by Brunswick and Mergermarket.

Antonio Pedersoli, as Coordinator of the M&A Working Group, has pointed out: “The central role of the relations between Italy and the United States is a fundamental element for any government, considering that USA are the main foreign industrial investors in Italy and the benefits deriving from the presence of US multinational companies in our economic structure, while US market is the third target of our industries and a crucial aspect for those who pursue leadership. Therefore, it is interesting to examine the way in which M&A deals occur between these two countries, the instruments applied and the propensity to carry them out.

Simone Crolla, Managing Director of AmCham Italy has stated: “During these years AmCham Italy, thanks to an intense activity issuing studies, advocacies and strategic consulting in the internationalization towards USA, has accrued an influential position and it has become a benchmark for public decision-makers and the economic-financial community. This new Working Group, focused on M&A, falls exactly within the Advocacy Mission of AmCham and through the creation of the Observatory, it aspires to become a benchmark in this specific matter for the American business community in Italy and for the Italian companies having interests towards the United States.

The Observatory aims at determining the most significant strategical elements, which support or discourage M&A transactions, and it has the purpose of identifying the most used financial structures, by providing at the same time considerations and suggestions, both for American and Italian investors. The Working Group will focus on the creation of qualitative and quantitative guidelines representing standards for the analysis issued by the Observatory and it will develop proposals and recommendations to promote “value-added” transactions. The results of the Observatory’s activity will be submitted in an annual report on the state of relations underlying M&A transactions between Italy and the United States.




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