Next conference: The challenges of compliance in the “Life Sciences” sector: Insights

Pedersoli Studio Legale, in cooperation with Carnà & Partners, organizes the multidisciplinary conference “The challenges of compliance in the “Life Sciences” sector: Insights”, which is taking place in Milan, Thursday 29 November 2018 at 3:00PM – Centro Congressi Fondazione Cariplo, Via Romagnosi 8.

The conference is aimed at highlighting the most difficult aspects of the complex legal framework, which characterises Life Sciences sector, particularly in relationships with the Italian Public Administration. In this perspective, the speakers will provide an overview of the major risks (i.e. criminal, competition, administrative as well as corporate compliance issues), affecting the core business of companies active in this sector.

The event is addressed to officers and executives of pharmaceutical and biomedical companies and it has the purpose of analysing some of these complex matters, giving insights and solutions to different open issues raised in the legal and regulatory framework.

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