Pedersoli in the listing process of Inwit

Milan, 11 June 2020On 10 June 2020 Consob has approved the information prospectus relating to the trading of the ordinary shares of Inwit S.p.A. issued, without any share capital increase, functional to the share-exchange of the merger by incorporation of Vodafone Towers S.r.l. in Inwit S.p.A. and transferred to Vodafone Europe B.V. against the cancellation of the interest held by the same in Vodafone Towers S.r.l.

In the listing process Inwit has been assisted by Pedersoli Studio Legale, as legal advisor, with a team led by Carlo Pedersoli (Equity Partner) and Andrea Gandini (Equity Partner) with the support of Francesca Leverone (Junior Partner) (in picture), by Mediobanca, as financial advisor, represented by Gianernesto Bernardi (Co-Head of the TMT corporate finance team), Cecilia Bufano and Giulio Brandizzi including PwC with Gabriele Matrone, Partner of the Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Group, with the support of the Director Daniele Pulcrano and Matteo Mario Luigi Jacchia and Berardo Maria Angelini.



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