Maura Magioncalda is “Leveraged Finance Lawyer of the Year” at the Legalcommunity Finance Awards

Maura Magioncalda

Maura Magioncalda, equity partner at Pedersoli Studio Legale, has been awarded “Leveraged Finance Lawyer of the Year”, at the Legalcommunity Finance Awards 2019.

The awarding committee, composed of 39 experts and operators in the sector, has explained the award identifying Maura Magioncalda as a highly qualified and technically impeccable professional, with a thorough knowledge of the financial and banking field.

The awards ceremony was held at the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan, with the attendance of over 700 participants including general and legal counsels of companies, financial advisors, bankers, in addition to colleagues of other law firms.