Success at the Legalcommunity Corporate M&A Awards

Pedersoli won two important awards at the Legalcommunity Corporate M&A Awards 2016: the “M&A Lawyer of the Year” awarded to Antonio Pedersoli and the “Corporate M&A Deal of the Year” for the ChemChina – Pirelli deal.

The event, which rewards the excellence for legal assistance in Corporate M&A, currently in its second edition, was held on 21 June 2016 at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci” in Milan, with the attendance of over 650 people, including professionals and market operators.

A jury, composed of heads of legal departments of prestigious companies, financial operators, advisors and associations gave the following reasons for the two awards:

Corporate M&A Lawyer of the Year – Antonio Pedersoli: He has advised on some of the most important deals of the year. He is esteemed by both clients and counterparts. It is said about him that «he is experienced, versatile, attentive to details, always helpful and cooperative».

Corporate M&A Deal of the Year: CHEMCHINA-PIRELLI, valued at 8 billion Euros, it was the most important deal of 2015. This complex transaction involved many legal and financial advisors. The award was received by Antonio Pedersoli and Andrea Gandini.