"Data security in pandemic" - Navigating towards recovery: dialogues on the future

In the context of the series “Navigating towards recovery: dialogues on the future", an initiative consisting of a number of webinars organised with the aim of offering an opportunity for discussion to investigate the transformations taking place and identify proposals and ideas for the restart of the country, the webinar “Data security in pandemic" took place on 9 July 2020 with Francesca Bria (National Innovation Fund; Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, UCL London), Davide Dell’Orto (Schindler AG), Professor Oreste Pollicino (“Luigi Bocconi" University, Milan), moderated by Massimo Sideri (Corriere della Sera; Corriere Innovazione).

Giovanni Bandera opened the session while Manuela Grassi wrapped-up, both at Pedersoli Studio Legale.

Click here to watch the insight.

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