The Bankruptcy Team assists companies in crisis, offering interdisciplinary support to its clients that are covered under bankruptcy law and the new Crisis and Insolvency Code (negotiated composition, composition with creditors). The team provides assistance during the access, procedure and the execution phases, and as an ongoing concern. Members of the firm’s Bankruptcy Team also hold positions as bankruptcy trustees and commissioners in composition procedures or extraordinary administration, which is why Pedersoli offers first-rate service for bankruptcy issues.

The team also assists commissioners and official receivers during insolvency proceedings in commercial, contractual and litigation matters. They handle the sale of assets, provisional exercise of the company, liability issues, appeals against acts prejudicial to creditors and opposition to the bankruptcy.

The team also assists counterparties in bonis of entrepreneurs in crisis (subjected or not subjected to bankruptcy proceedings) with acquiring assets. They also assist companies during insolvency procedures, with protection (out-of-court and judicial) of loans, and manage pending contracts.