Financial Institutions

The department provides legal assistance to (domestic and foreign) banks, asset managers (in particular, AIF managers), insurance companies, non-banking financial intermediaries and other regulated entities operating in Italy, with respect to a broad spectrum of matters related to their day-to-day activities, ordinary and extraordinary transactions, as well as in their relationships with Italian and EU Supervisory Authorities.

The team assists financial institutions in connection with a variety of complex regulatory issues, arising from the application of the relevant domestic and EU regulations, concerning, inter alia, corporate governance, shareholding structures, organizational models, outsourcing of functions and activities, remuneration and incentivation policies and practices, as well as capital requirements and other regulatory requirements.

The department also advises domestic and foreign investors in relation to the set up of banks, asset managers, insurance companies and other regulated intermediaries, as well as in the acquisition and divestment of equity interests in such entities, both with respect to the structuring of the relevant transaction and the authorization procedures before competent Supervisory Authorities.