Studio Pedersoli’s Labour Law Team provides advice and assistance to companies regarding both human resource management and business organization. Through a dynamic approach, they seek practical solutions, tailored to the specific needs of clients. The team provides daily industrial relations consulting for extraordinary transactions (e.g. mergers, acquisitions, company and branch transfers), corporate reorganization and restructuring, trade union relations (including in institutional settings), outsourcing processes through tenders and workplace safety. The team has extensive experience in managing relations with directors and top management, when it comes to defining stock optioins-based incentive plans. During labour law disputes, the team works alongside the employer and in the interest of top managers, even in the pre-litigation and settlement phases.

In order to create the most efficient synergy between the firm’s different departments, the practice has considerable experience in corporate M&A operations regarding all aspects of labour law both in the acquisition phase and in the subsequent integration processes and possible reorganization. The team assists companies in personal data processing implementation and daily management.

They have experience both in the full implementation of the national and international legislation. The team is always keenly aware of the client’s opinions and analysis of specific needs in corporate M&A operations.