In recent decades, the need of sustainability at the heart of business management and public and private investment policies has become essential, adopting an approach able to create social and environmental benefit without affecting performance. With reference to new strategies in this field, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria were introduced as the way through investments are selected and assessed: no longer in terms of risk and profitability, but also considering the environmental and social impact.

In this context, the legal counsel assumes a fundamental role and Pedersoli Studio Legale naturally endorses the values underlying this approach. By offering integrated and cross-sector services, our Firm supports clients in this transition and provides them a thorough assistance relating thereto.

Legal advice is provided on specific matters of corporate governance, as well as in the development of a new legal status for companies such as benefit corporations or in the compliance with non-financial reporting requirement.

Pedersoli Studio Legale also deals with aspects of contractual structure, considering that sustainability is based on a new paradigm, in which innovation is an essential tool that results in the creation of incentive and remuneration schemes, the protection of property rights or profit sharing amongst others.

Accordingly, the Firm constantly monitors and analyses significant and evolving legislative initiatives, including the relevant tax regime.
Legal assistance is provided also with reference to a correct framing of responsibilities with reference to proper supply chain management or the duties and responsibilities of company directors.

The Firm’s advice focuses also on the sustainable finance sector, which experienced over the years extremely significant and complex legislative developments. In this complex context, Pedersoli Studio Legale supports its clients in the review of ESG policies, modification of investment, divestiture and monitoring procedures with an ESG perspective or amendments to the management regulations and offering documents of managed funds.
Based on a long-standing expertise in the banking sector, the Firm provides advice to financial institutions supporting sustainable growth projects by offering innovative instruments and products to the market.

Furthermore, Pedersoli Studio Legale provides legal assistance to clients in relation to compliance and urban planning and environmental administrative law aspects, in connection with processes involving complex decisions as well as in the execution of public-private agreements which allow to manage efficiently a legislative and regulatory framework not always unambiguous. Moreover, the Firm offers its clients the possibility to receive an in-depth risk analysis of its activities also from a regulatory perspective. Assessments are provided on activities relating to waste treatment, energy efficiency, smart cities projects and solutions where interaction with public authorities is a priority.